Wednesday, January 9, 2013

~e.a.t.~ {in our dining room}

So while I was on this little unexpected blogging break, I had some time on my hands to do what I love best~craft.
You know how I love monograms, words, typography of all sorts,
 so that is where this project stemmed from.
Originally I was just going to make a T for Thompson, but then the project snowballed and I ended up making several, including the word E.A.T.
{my second favorite thing to do!}

I hung them in the dining room, I know, duh.
I love the contrast of the dark and light. 
Each one is about 12", so it takes up a good amount of space.

 Since they are so dark I added a bunch of white pottery.
I know what you are thinking.....
How many times can she possibly change up these shelves?
The answer is still up in the air.
 Yep, things might look different next week, ya never know.
Think I should put some in my etsy shop?

I know I said yesterday that I was gonna leave that post up for a while, but I just couldn't help myself.
I missed you guys too much.
And can I tell you that you guys are awesome!
Thank you thank you thank you to everyone that hits that follow button!
~love ya all~
{you can still view my old blog here, but all new posts will be here}


  1. sorry you are having trouble with blogger. Today's post is very hard to read. The pic look fine but the content is very pale. I checked other blogs and they are ok so I don't think it is my pc.

  2. That sign is extremely clever...what a great idea! I am pinning it right now!

  3. I love this idea....found you through sherry. Sorry you had so many problems. Technology sometimes is a nightmare.

  4. Would you prefer I submit my email address? As I save it under my favorites and check from there. Ill do anything to help... again keep up with great blogs. Loved your new E.A.T. Yeah.. I know what you mean about how many times we could possible change our shelves. Just took down christmas dishes and put back the red transferware dishes but I said to myself... maybe I should take out my mom's white dishes which I love too. Decisions, decisions, decisions...

  5. So sorry you were hacked, my goodness that truly reeks.
    Honestly. But here you are, and your loyal readers will follow you! Don't worry!

    Good luck!

  6. Love the E A T signs... Looks beautiful.

    These will sell like hot cakes! All about the words and letters here too.

    Glad the site issue has you up and running again...

    Best to you, Stephen

  7. so sorry about the old blog. i found you through karianne. love your sign:)

  8. Yes, put some in your Etsy shop! Glad your back ~Sarah

  9. I also found you through Karianne and added your new blog to my blog roll. Gosh if I hadn't seen it on her website I may have thought you stopped blogging. Maybe you can have your friends announce on their blogs about the new blog. I have loved your blog over the years and what a shame it would be if I hadn't found the new one. I love the eat sign!!!!

  10. I am new to your blog and found you through Karianne as well as Jennifer Rizzo. I am so sorry that your blog was hacked and that you lost access to all of your years of blogging. I had never even realized that could happen!I am going to look into backing my blog up now. It takes so much time and heart to blog and it is so beneficial to so many who find meaningful connections. I wish you many blessings and applaud your courage to continue. Thank you for reaching out to others through this space. I look forward to visiting you again very soon!

  11. what happened to our "deer" friend? I love mine and he's staying up all year. Love your "EAT" signs

  12. Those are adorable! What a great idea! I think i want to copy that, ummmmmm, unless you are putting some in your Etsy shop! I'm over there to check it out!


  13. I didn't find your Etsy shop, is it here and i'm missing it?


  14. Love the little letters. I would like to make something like that for my kitchen. Hopefully someday, I can get my craft on! :)

    Glad you are back! :)


  15. Where is your bottle drying rack it!

  16. Oh, how rude! I should have at least said...LOVE your blog! Blessings! :-)

  17. Anybody looking for a bottle rack like this.. i got my from world market online ( was on backorder but still came in 2wks) for $14.99!!

  18. Sorry you lost your blog. It's my first visit. Love the letters.

  19. Found out about your blogger trouble and your new site through Jill @ Sew a Fine Seam. From the looks of it, you are getting a lot of help from around the blogosphere. The chalkboard letters on your shelf are a great use of your time. Love 'em. I'm your new follower and I hope you'll come by and follow as well if you like.

  20. I heard about your blog atrocity from Karianne -- this is terrible! At any rate, glad you are back. Surely there must be some way to retrieve your work! I'll keep good thoughts. Maybe someone who is not technically hopeless like I am can help you.

  21. I just backed up
    my blog after reading
    about the hassles
    that you've had. I
    know my heart would
    drop to my knees if
    I'd the same experience!
    Here's to smooth sailing,

    xo Suzanne

    PS: Yes, you should
    put those sweet signs
    in your shop! But hey,
    I'm a wordy girl, so I
    love letters : )

  22. this is terrible. don't give up tho. i'm sure this can be rectified.

    cute sign!


  23. So sorry that you experienced losing your blog...I cannot imagine what you went through!!...The signs are just perfect!....Looks so wonderful with the white pottery!!

  24. Your new signs look wonderful! What a fabulous idea!

    By the way, I am hosting a fabulous giveaway! So come by and enter for a chance to win $100 credit towards some gorgeous wallpaper!

    This is a giveaway you don't want to miss!


  25. so glad your blog troubles got resolved. Looking forward to following you!
    xo Nancy

  26. I just thought maybe you'd taken a bloggy break or something. I'm so sorry this happened to you but glad you're back!

  27. Hello. I found you from Thistlewood Farms. I love Karianne 's blog and she mentioned how you had to start all over. Bummer. I think I am going to love your blog as well!!

  28. I love your EAT letters..please sell some in your Etsy shop!

  29. I am a typography nut and I just love your letters.

    I am so glad that you are "back in business" on your blog.

  30. I have been following your blog for a few months now and really enjoy it! Sorry you had problems - I was fortunate to find out about the problems from Sherry at Design Indulgence. I want the EAT letters for my kitchen...........can I order some now?


  31. You should DEFINITELY put them in your ETSY shop. :)
    always love how you change up your shelves! Keep it coming!

  32. Love this! Miss you much!
    xxo Monica

  33. Yes, put them in etsy! I didn't even know blogs could get hacked. Good grief.

  34. Love Love Love! Eating is my 2nd favorite thing to do too! ;) I would definitely put them in your Etsy shop. Love your white pottery too. I'm just starting a collection and can't wait until I have enough to fill some shelves.

  35. I would Love to order your EAT sign...I found you through Emily Clark's blog...and had to come over to see if I could get the EAT sign. Please please put it on ETSY!!! Great blog!

  36. I am ready to buy!! :) Love, love your style!