Tuesday, January 29, 2013

~hanging picture frames~

I have one friend who every time she needs pictures hung on her walls, she calls me. 
To me, it's a piece of cake, but I have been making holes in my walls for several years.
I thought I'd bring this up because I get a lot of emails on hanging picture frames.

Take our living room for example:

I hung a series of Ikea Ribba frames in a grid pattern. 
It took some doing to get all the nails in the right place. 

In this case, I just laid the frames out on the floor and measured between each one to figure out spacing. One thing I didn't think of though,  was how over time, the frames would shift from people jumping on the couch, daily life, etc. 
I recently discovered zots and these are the perfect solution!
I found mine in the scrap booking section of my craft store and bought the large size. All it takes is 1 zot at the base of each frame to secure it to the wall. 
Kate over at Centsational girl just did a post on hanging pictures.
You can find it here. 
I found it to be very helpful.
It is based more on aesthetics then the actual hanging, but helpful nonetheless.

Redbook Magazine has a great article on how to hang art using paper templates.
This is a tried and true method.

And if you are in an office {or not and just want a more industrial look}
AS Hanging Systems has a cool cable system.

 This definitely takes the guesswork out of where to put those screws or nails, and if you choose nylon you barely see the cables, however, I think the steel cables would be really cool in a loft space or office building!

And speaking of picture frames, I have finally got around to refreshing my etsy shop with some new items! I have just listed a few picture frames, made by me.
{hint~some would make great Valentines day gifts!}

You can find these, and more, in my etsy shop right here!


  1. Love the idea of using Zots! I usually use a piece of tape that I've made into a circle so it's sticky on both sides and place it at the bottom of my frames. Using Zots is a much better idea!

  2. This was great!! I usually just put about 500 holes in my wall until they all look even! :0)
    I love your new frames, they are fantastic!!!
    Wishing you a lovely day.

  3. I'm still trying to figure out if a photo collage will work in our space... our walls are bare and in desperate need of decorating...!!

    P.S. I miss your old blog design, is it coming back?

  4. What a great tip! The simplest ideas are always the best ones, aren't they? We are currently renting (desperately looking for a lake house if you know anyone selling) so it's all about the command strips around here right now.

  5. I LOVE your house! Beautiful. Ispiring. Cozy. Crisp.
    Thanks for sharing!

    Amber @ The Honeysuckle Bus Stop

  6. I think choice of paint for your frame gives the better output of picture framing in melbourne..
    What do you say ?