Thursday, January 10, 2013

~new pillows for the new couch~

I couldn't get a new couch and not give her beautiful new pillows now could I?
My latest go to source for the most gorgeous
 pillows with the greatest assortment of fabrics ever!
You may remember my post here about my new betwixt pillows.
I loved them so much I went back in for more!
This time I got 2  Quadrille Volpi pillows.
in navy.
Love them!
When you have such neutral decor as me, it's fun to play up lots of patterns.
 They are a soft faded grey blue with the most gorgeous cream linen backing.
 Seriously think I may go back for more~no joke!
Let me know if you've ever purchased from Spark Modern!
Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

They are also offering free shipping on all navy and orange Volpi pillow covers when you mention my sweet savannah. Please make sure you note this, and your shipping will be refunded to you after your purchase!


  1. your pillows look great. the neutral tones look fabulous. great to see you back.

  2. Love your new blog. How devastating to have it hacked. Guess I need to back up my blog for sure... Added you to my list of favs..

  3. What a coincidence - i just bought new pillows for the tv room couch yesterday!

    I adore yours, they look GREAT!

  4. Love the juxtapostion of the vintage with the new!

  5. Beautiful!! I'll definitely check that out.

  6. I love this colour! I have been slowly adding a bit of it to our bedroom. These pillows are on my wish list : o )

  7. beautiful...I LOVE them!
    loving my awesome orange pillow that YOU sent me, too!