Friday, January 11, 2013

~{new} spode delamere dishes~

One of the gifts I received this Christmas was a gift card to one of my favorite antique stores. 
I went back several times, perusing the isles.
Do you want to see what I came home with?
Gorgeous Spode dishes!
 There's service for 8, which I am really excited about.
It's rare to find a whole set.
 I also picked up this little piece simply because I loved the colors and thought it would look nice with plain white dishes or my new Spode ones.
 I also got this small serving bowl.

I can't wait for Thanksgiving already, simply because I want to set a fall table with these.
Good thing I have this buffet to store them in!


  1. Wonderful color and pattern. I would have picked them too!

  2. those are so pretty Melaine! they fit your style just perfectly! hugs to you!!! xoox, tracie

  3. I have summer dishes and winter dishes. I bring out my Delamere Every October and keep using them till April. Never get tired of that pattern!

  4. what a lucky find...service for 8! i love the pattern and color, it will look fabulous this fall!

  5. Amazing dishes!!! I just think they are the best!!! What a smart buy with your gift card!!

  6. Now I can't wait till fall to see your table setting!

  7. Hi Melanie...I just read Jill's post about your blog....soooo sad..I'm so sorry that happened to you. I'm happy that all is ok with you though....I was wondering where you were? You are one of the icons of the bloggy world so it won't be long before all your followers find you glad I did....xo

  8. Oh my goodness, how cute will they be at Thanksgiving. I picture the table too.

  9. Love, so glad you bought them.

    Have a great weekend!!


  10. I'm feeling a tad green here. ;-) These are gorgeous. How wonderful that you found a complete service for eight. Eager to see your table.

  11. LOVE those dishes and that buffet was telling you she really wanted to be white...yep I heard her!

  12. Beautiful!! They were worth the wait, I love the pattern. Have a wonderful weekend :)

    xoxo, Tanya

  13. Hi Melaine!

    Love the new dishes. Love the whole look of your home now. What a transformation from when I first started following your blog! Now that you have the new dishes if you ever want to get rid of your numbered ones please let know. I still love them. Have a terrific weekend. Take care sweetie.


  14. Melaine!
    Your new blog is coming along!
    I'm afraid I've been out of the loop this week and not able to visit as many of my favorite blogs since my son's head injury! :(

    Anyway, I'm here this morning catching up!

  15. Beautiful dishes! LOVE that pattern!

  16. I LOVE your new dishes. Brown transferware is so wonderful. It looks amazing with everything!

  17. Love the dishes! I've been thinking about getting something similar. I have two dishes that belonged to my mother that are mostly brown and white, but it's hard to set a table with two dishes. Something like this pattern would go well with them.

  18. This is beautiful - brown and white transfer ware is my favorite. I am very tempted to seek some out now. It really is perfect for Thanksgiving.
    All best,

  19. Hi Melaine,
    Oh, lucky you!! Your dishes are gorgeous!!! I love the brown and white mixed with plain whites pieces, perfect combination!!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  20. i looooovvvvveeee these!!! what a find!!

  21. I had the same problem with my blog. I was using an old email address from years ago that wasn't't actually in action as my email address but this is what I logged on to post entries. My nephew is more technical than I am so her looked it up on the net and the way around it was to change the settings to a team blog and add you as a member and then delete the original member (ie the old email address). This did work for about 3 days and I was up and posting again with the log in of my new email address however now all the previous posts from the past 3 years are still there but the photos have an explanation mark on them not the photo. He is going to have a look at it again and hopefully he can sold the issue as it would be good if you could go back to your old blog because of the history and all the links etc. if I hadn't of clicked on the country farmhouse blog I would never have known because I have checked every day and there were no new posts. Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  22. i have that same spode pattern as my China. Love it!

  23. What a great set! I'm new follower number 500 and added the new blog to my sidebar.

  24. The dishes are great, but I LOOOVEEE that Orange Marmalade jar - what great finds!