Tuesday, January 15, 2013

~please visit me~

Today I am over at Emily Clarks blog, 
answering a few questions along with these other lovely ladies.
Hope you are able to stop by!


  1. I'm so glad your back on the block, oh how I missed stories :)

    I need a project fix, whatcha got cooking........


  2. Loved reading your answers at Emily's -- it's great to be introduced to your blog!

  3. Enjoyed reading all the answers at Emily's blog today. Great idea!
    It took me off to several others. ;-)

  4. It was fun reading all the answers ... what a great idea!

    I understand that you also have had some issues that resulted in having to create a new blog...due to an email issue with google, I no longer have access to My Yellow House blog, that I had for three years. I couldn't get my name back either and had to start a new one this week. I'm glad you're back on track with yours but my goodness, are you as frustrated as I am....

  5. Yeah!!! I found you!! I was starting to experience the awful possibility of "Sweet Savannah" withdrawal....thank you...I can now go back to my daily fix....love your blog soooo much!!

  6. I just read your answers on Emily A Clark. Thanks for sharing :)