Sunday, February 3, 2013

~guess what?~

Mystery solved!
I'm back in business folks!
At my old blog that is! 
I went to do a post this morning and it posted to my old blog..........
So, after some investigating I saw that my email address to sign in was changed to my sons email address. No wonder I couldn't sign in.
Turns out, that while my sister was trying to help set up Cody's new I pod on our computer that he got for his birthday, she changed my email to his~therefore, I couldn't sign in.
Long story short, I will be happily blogging again at my old blog here.
If you came here from 6th street design school, Thistlewood Farms, or anywhere else and are a new follower, pls. click that follow button again here, so you will get all my new updates!
A huge thank you to everyone who tried to help me through this and for everyone who posted about it when it happened. 
A short list of the most amazing blog friends ever
{and I am so sorry if I am leaving anyone out!}

If anyone has changed their 
links on their sidebars, pls. change them back, sorry, a pain I know!
I am super happy though!


  1. Glad you got it resolved. I knew it was an email problem! Yay! Pamie G.

  2. Hallelujah! Heading to change the link on my blog now.

  3. Oh thank goodness that got figured out. I always was worried I was missing stuff!!

  4. So glad it's all worked out. I did a post about your situation too, but I think I'd better go delete it so I don't confuse anybody. I will be changing my sidebar too. So happy you'll be back to your old blog!

  5. Oh YaY! I thought there HAD to be something that would fix it! So glad you got it figured out!

  6. Yay!! See you back at your old blog, happy it has all been solved!

  7. Congratulations, that is a great news! Glad you got your old blog back, yay!


  8. So good to see you back posting. We were worried about you.

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  12. That was a bit hilarious and thrilling! I can’t imagine how you felt when you can’t actually open your old blog. If that happened to me, I might have a nervous breakdown. Just kidding! Good thing you were open-minded, relaxed and a determined person. Hope you’ll have a relaxed and serene weekend!

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