Saturday, February 2, 2013

~our kitchen~

For some reason, I don't show many photos of our kitchen on my blog.
To me it's hard to photograph and there's some changes I'd like to see happen before showing everyone.
But, not knowing when those changes will come, I'm diving right in to show you some photos. 
I took these last night, in not the best light, so bear with the quality.

One thing I'd like to change is the lighting. It's a little too formal for me.
It is hard though to find one that will work for this space. 
If anyone has any suggestions, I'd greatly appreciate it! 
{it has to hang like this one, with 2 chains approx. 10" apart}

One thing I do love is the giant skylight above the island where I painted on "cooking themed" words all the way around.

 We recently just got a new gas cook top, so that will be going in the island shortly, I cannot wait!
 The bar stools are from Pier 1, but I couldn't find them on their website. 
My friend made me the ruffle cushions in a light leopard print.
{thanks Lesa!}
 We usually eat all of our dinners in the dining room, but like to have breakfast 
and lunch together up to the bar.

 The door with the chalkboard is our laundry room.
 And, it's also my favorite thing in the kitchen at the moment because my son added a grocery list.
Doesn't take much to please this kid! :)
To read about how I painted our kitchen cabinets, go here.
To read about how we stained our floors, go here.


  1. Melaine I'd love to know the paint color on your walls? Do you have the details it would be much appreciated. Thanks.

  2. I have always loved your kitchen. It and your Master bedroom are what drew me to your blog. Not to mention I love the exterior of your home too!! Have you seen the new PB dual accordian chandelier. A little pricey, but unique.

  3. So pretty! I think your kitchen is what brought me here the first time. Maybe it was on the HGTV site? I don't remember, either way you have great style.

  4. Your kitchen is beautiful!LOVE your chalkboard laundry door.

  5. What a lovely, lovely kitchen. Can I add a few things to the grocery list? So glad you shared. melinda

  6. Lovely kitchen. As far as lighting goes, you could find a couple of vintage pendants such as these:

    They would add texture and country charm (and match your window shades).

  7. Beautiful, warm and so charming! love what you did on the barstools....nice job!

  8. Loved this post and love your floors. It is so funny our floors desperately need redone. My husband is a contractor and is stuck on having a professional do it (translation it will never happen). I am going to make him read this article!

  9. Beautiful kitchen. I'd enjoy meals on that pretty counter. The bar stools are a nice design.

  10. So beautiful kitchen and the color on it. I love the design and it so much grateful!

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  11. Beautiful! What is the source for your backsplash tile - it's lovely.

  12. If you want to make your kitchen or any of your space bright without the need or use of artificial light, invest on windows and skylight. These two will surely pave the way for natural light and will brighten up your space all day long. By the way, I love your kitchen too. It looks so elegant.

    -Georgine Stern

  13. Very nice kitchen ....All things are arranged very well and also very nice color on wall which is giving gorgeous look to your kitchen.

  14. I found this photo from Pinterest: The lighting isn’t very formal. It’s sophisticated and modern. I noticed your cabinets, by the way. I like the glass doors! You can see what’s inside, which doesn’t give you a hard time looking for things you need in the kitchen.

    Darryl Margulies

  15. Your kitchen looks like something that came out of the magazine! Elegance and sophistication is the image of your kitchen. I like everything about it! I can see that every detail in this room was well thought out. This is so fabulous!

    Lakisha Autin

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  17. The kitchen looks amazing! I love the design and it so much grateful! Thomas the Tank Engine Beds

  18. wow, i am obsessed with your kitchen! i wouldn't change a single thing :)

    xo brie